Rats bombard Chipotle, attacking staff and eating avocados

Chipotle rats

Rats ran amok recently at a Chipotle in Washington Heights – gnawing through wiring systems, ambushing employees, and provoking the closure of the eatery to the public.

At first gander, it might sound unimpressive versus when the CDC had to warn against The Empire State’s anthropophagite rats during the outbreak. Nor does it seem quite as alarming as the famished super rats are so dire to dine out that they hurled themselves at horror-stricken New Yorkers who were eating outside a building. However, though the restaurant is shut down, workers are still routinely coming in to clean. This comprises of some pretty critical survival tactics, including thwacking rats with broom handles and stomping them.

Employee Melvin Paulino said to reporters, “It’s pure chaos every time a rat appears,” – speaking of the audacious behavior of the vermin. The infestation was initially unearthed in the summer after bags of rice were found bitten through and avocados were partially eaten. The rats appear to have formulated the same pricey taste for the single-seed large berry as many New Yorkers – they enjoyed them to the point Chipotle had to move the avocados to the freezer eventually to keep the rodents at bay.

Chipotle shut the site only after the rats chomped through the wiring of its data processor system so severely they could no longer manage orders, according to reports. As journalist Mary Schmich once put it, in life, there are certain inviolable realities: politicians will coquet, prices will rise, and – we’re going to improvise – you can forever count on New York for a good old-fashioned rat fable.


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