This company is paying $1k to binge-watch road trip films


To help get in the holiday spirit and the road trips they evoke, a company’s running a movie binge-watching contest and paying out $1k.

Long drives and road trips are things that nearly everybody can relate to. Whether as an operator, a passenger, or both, at some point or another many persons have hopped in a sedan or RV and set forth on the open road for a lengthy journey. One of the most prevalent reasons for venturing on a road trip, naturally, is visiting relatives. With Christmas upon us, folks are beginning to once again map out road trips home to celebrate the gift-giving holiday.

Empire Covers are huge movie fans, and their penchant for the RVs and cars that individuals utilize on road trips should be evident. They’d like you to binge-watch a bunch of the greatest road trip films of all time and help them assess the lines, themes, and plot points that have proved them masterworks, with the selected candidate taking home a $1000 cash prize for assisting them! The company’s looking for a person who is a big fan of road trips and films, and that is all! They’d like to hear from anyone that adores feature films and can’t repel a solid binge-watch, whether that is in the backseat of a vehicle during a road trip or at home.

The ideal applicant shall possess: A love for films, strong attention to detail, an engaging and fun writing style, the accessibility and ability to binge-watch 8 full-length road trip films minimum from a pre-determined list. The list consists of: Dumb and Dumber, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Blues Brothers, Thelma and Louise, Mad Max: Fury Road, Rain Man, Almost Famous, Smokey and the Bandit, Cannonball Run, Midnight Run, Zombieland, Borat, Easy Rider, It Happened One Night, Green Book, and Little Miss Sunshine. Apply HERE.


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