JustMigrate Launches: Moves Posterous Accounts To Tumblr

JustMigrate - Posterous to Tumblr

Twitter announced last week that its Posterous blogging platform will close permanently on April 30. While the company offers a tool to download a users posts to their computers, a better option has surfaced for many users. Known as JustMigrate the new startup allows Posterous posts to be transferred into Tumblr accounts.

Using JustMigrate is simple, just type in your Posterous URL, authorize it with Tumblr and let it work its magic.

Users with multiple Tumblr blogs are able to grant JustMigrate access to each blog on an add needed basis.

JustMigrate is free for a users first 100 posts and then costs $10 for 101-250 posts and $25 for 500 posts.

Since the Tumblr API only allows for up to 250 posts or 75 photos per day the JustMigrate platform will queue posts over several days if required.

JustMigrate was developed by the India development team at 3Crumbs and according to co-founder, Siddarth Menon the idea for JustMigrate came about during a December hackathon.

3Crumbs has created a mobile shopping app that it hopes will catch on as the company helps Posterous users save their hard work via Tumblr.

While it is unknown how many blogs currently preside on Posterous, back in 2011 the company claimed 12.3 million blogs among its user base.

WordPress and Square also offer their own porting tools for users looking to transfer their Posterous blog outside of the Tumblr platform.

James Kosur

James Kosur has worked in the new media space for the last 10 years, helping many publications build their audiences to millions of monthly readers. He currently serves as the Director of Business Development at Business2Community.com and the CEO of Aven Enterprises LLC.


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