Koala wanders into family’s house and climbs their Christmas tree

koala Christmas

A family was in for a huge surprise when they found a koala had roamed into their residence and scaled their Christmas tree.

In a Facebook post this week, Amanda McCormick said: “Well that’s something you don’t see every day. We just came home to a real life koala up our Xmas tree in our lounge room!” McCormick posted images on the social media platform of the intrigued creature tucked among the tree’s ornaments and appearing quite comfy with its new nest in the Coromandel Valley home. She noted in the post’s comments they had left the back door open so in the morning their pet dog could get in and out. “Little lady must have just wandered in and made herself at home!”

While the koala may have been an adorable addition to the Christmas tree, the bear surely couldn’t remain there. Thereby, McCormick phoned 1300KOALAZ. Dee Hearne-Hellon, the co-founder of the association, said: “It’s not a common event for koalas to wander into people’s homes but it does happen from time to time. They live throughout the Adelaide suburbs now so it is going to happen. We have never had a koala in a Christmas tree before, certainly a first for us.”

Via Facebook, McCormick posted footage of the rescue, displaying the volunteers cautiously approaching the koala and even giving the creature several pats. In the video, McCormick can be heard saying: “She’s very calm.” The volunteers affixed a towel over the bear and started to move it, which triggered it to appear to gnar. They then carefully put the creature into a carrier after hoisting it off the tree.


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