US Arms Sale to Asia and Pacific Increases

The US arms sale industry is large and successful. More than 30% of exported weapons in the world come from the United States. They supply to no less than 90 nations making it one of the largest suppliers of weapons in the world. The US makes an estimate of almost 200 Billion dollars in annual sales just on the export of weapons.

Despite the statistics, rising concerns have been raised on how much weapons the US has been exporting recently. Experts observe that the US Arms sale in both Asia and the Pacific has been increasing for the past years. Could there be more to it than just selling weapons?

Weapon Sale to Taiwan

The US has been supplying weapons to Taiwan since the late ’70s. They have supplied missiles, tanks, aircraft, minesweepers, and other military equipment. However, tensions were intensified late this year after the release of a possible sale of weapons between Taiwan and the US. It is keeping other countries on the edge of their seats.

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China has warned of sanctions against US defense companies after the US government approves of a massive arms sale to Taiwan. For years, China recognizes Taiwan as a self-governing democracy under the one-China policy. It is said that China had a very limited presence in the transactions that happened between the two countries. According to reports, this was a severe violation of the one-China principle. China’s national security is undermined by the direct sale of weapons between the US and Taiwan.

Smart Bombs Donations to the Philippines

Military relations between the US and the Philippines had been strengthened further after the latter received precision-guided munitions (or smart bombs). The estimated amount of this donation is about $18 million. According to reports, it is the US government’s way of helping the Philippines strengthen their defense against terrorists. Terrorism has been a problem in the Philippines for years.

UAE Arms Sale Issues

The relations between the UAE and the US have indeed been growing rapidly for the past decades. But there is no proof that this is the reason why the US is planning to supply weapons and arms to the Arab country. Just recently, many from the US Congress has opposed proposed weapons deals with the UAE. This includes fighter jets, drones, missiles, bombs, and more. Total estimated sales could be more than $20 billion. The potential sale could significantly strengthen the military capabilities of the UAE. According to lawmakers, a massive sale of weapons to the UAE could severely affect the balance of powers in the area. It could be a tricky and dangerous situation for the US and international law.

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