6 Staggering Black Friday Shopping Facts


We present to you 6 Black Friday facts that can assist you in making the most out of the COVID-19 ridden holiday.

For a lot of Americans, Black Friday is a chance to save cash on gifts for Christmas. For others, it’s a day to hang at home to avert lengthy lines and assertive shoppers. As a business proprietor, you’re aware Black Friday is a paramount opportunity to fetch holiday shoppers and upsurge sales. However, there are some things about Black Friday that shoppers and business owners are not aware of. Check ’em out.

The Average Shopper Spends Between $350-$400

For many consumers, Black Friday is the grandiose shopping day of the year. As a matter of fact, during pre-Christmas sales, the average shopper shells out roughly $358.

Shoppers Utilize Smartphones to Research

Of all devices — tablets, desktop computers, and smartphones — the bulk of traffic to retailer sites derives from smartphones, while the bulk of purchases are done on a desktop. For companies, that means having a website that’s mobile-optimized is critical to nab potential consumers while they’re exploring prices and products before they complete a purchase.

For Shoppers, It’s the Most Popular Day

The most beloved shopping holiday is indubitably Black Friday, attracting more shoppers during Thanksgiving week than other shopping holidays, like Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. In point of fact, 61% of persons scheduled to shop on Black Friday in 2020.

Consumers Still Go to Stores…

Though more buyers on Black Friday are shifting to their devices, the shopping holiday persists as the most congested in-store shopping holiday, with approx 84.2 million consumers bombarding the stores in 2019. However, in 2020, shoppers may be hesitant to hit stores in person as a result of the coronavirus. Some stores are granting shoppers a curbside pickup option after purchasing online. And to seize sales online, some are even offering free shipping on orders made online.

In 2020 Sales May Exceed $11 Billion

Black Friday sales in 2019 hit $11.9 billion — a 20% growth versus 2018. While sales are likely to decline this year because of COVID-19, sales in 2020 are still anticipated to reach $11 billion.

Shoppers Get a Jump Start

During the first week of November, 56% of consumers begin holiday shopping, and the bulk of buyers (61%) feel bargains will get better following Thanksgiving weekend, The National Retail Federation reports. If you own a business, don’t hold out on offering great bargains — offer deals early and take advantage of early consumers.


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