Thanksgiving Foods You Can & Can’t Feed Your Dog

thanksgiving foods

It’s perhaps tempting to offer your furry friend(s) Thanksgiving foods. But, there are various dishes that aren’t safe for dogs to consume.

Like us, canines are omnivores, so just about every item on a Thanksgiving table may be savory to your pooch. However, a conventional turkey dinner consists of particulars that can be detrimental to dogs in large quantities. Thereby, if you opt to treat your best friend to some leftovers, there are some things you need to be aware of (if you want to save yourself a vet or pet cemetery visit). So thank the American Kennel Club for furnishing us with info about foods that are healthy and aren’t healthy for dogs to scarf down.

Is turkey meat okay for dogs? Indeed it is. Meat is a suitable food for pooches, and that includes both dark and white meat from the big bird. Though, make certain you don’t give your hound any scraps with bones—bones that are cooked can readily splinter and present a hazard to their digestive tract. Too, avert turkey skin; the bird’s skin is fatty, and a substantial quantity of fat in a meal or in one day can trigger acute pancreatitis, Around the holidays vets typically see a spike in pancreatitis for this precise reason.

On the flip side, the following Thanksgiving foods should not be given to dogs: Ham, Gravy, Casseroles. Stuffing, Creamed peas, Mashed potatoes, Pies, Cookies, Chocolate, Sweets (particularly anything carrying xylitol), Raisins, Alcoholic beverages, Garlic, Onions, Grapes, Scallions, Fatty foods, Yeast dough, Foods containing spices. Seek help immediately if your dog gets its paws on a food item it shouldn’t.


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