How does NASA Keep Outerspace COVID Free if Astronauts still Leave?

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The world is buzzing that Elon Musk might be COVID-19 positive in the middle of the latest International Space Station (ISS) crew launch. People are wondering how NASA keeps Outerspace COVID free. It is widely known that SpaceX is transporting four astronauts to the International Space Station today, aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9. The world is suffering from a global pandemic. Surely, there are certainly health protocols and safety measures being followed by NASA to make sure that the ISS remains COVID-free.

Elon Musk may have COVID-19

The SpaceX CEO is making headlines once again after he announced Thursday that he took four successive rapid antigen tests for COVID-19. He subjected himself to tests after feeling slightly under the weather with mild coughs and colds. His Tweet shows that the CEO is mind blown by the results as he claims that only two out of the four tests came out positive.

Experts have claimed, time and again, that contaminating the ISS with COVID-19 is an impossibility. However, health experts both from in and out NASA are recommending that the SpaceX CEO undergo some quarantine.

How NASA keeps Outerspace COVID free

This is not the first time that a coronavirus scare happened to people closely working with the ISS before a launch. Earlier this year, in April, a Russian space official tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a Soyuz crew launch. In the same light, experts have claimed that COVID-19 contamination in the ISS is close to impossible.

According to protocols, the personnel involved with close contacts with astronauts are minimized. This small group of people is then required to follow strict precautionary measures. The goal is to reduce any threats of infection to the crew. All other works are expected to be done remotely.

There are also protocols to follow for astronauts in space, in case they get any form of sickness. It is also a normal protocol for astronauts to go under quarantine (at least two weeks) before going to space as a means of preventing illnesses. This also makes sure that they don’t have any potential illnesses incubating in their bodies. The astronauts are also given thorough health checks. They are also kept to their best shape with training and exercises.

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