Man who dumped human head in recycling bin as Halloween prank arrested

human head

Police have detained a man seen disposing a human head near a recycling bin after finding in an adjacent flat the body it belonged to.

The alarm rang after the culprit was spotted hauling the head peeking out of the bag before dumping it and running off. Witnesses mistook the ordeal in the city for an unwell Halloween hoax at first, with news outlets saying the suspect had even showcased the head to some onlookers including children. Portugal along with authorities near Spain’s border in the south-west city of Huelva were notified yesterday about 3 pm after members of the public figured out the head was genuine.

The apprehension was made just after 9 pm in a nearby flat where police officers also unearthed the body of the deceased man, termed as a friend of the prisoner who was aged about 50. Neither man has yet to be identified. Footage emerged on  Monday of the cops analyzing the bag bearing the head after the vicinity had been cordoned off. A few feet down the road, other policemen were filmed interrogating witnesses.

The recycling bin where the human head was disposed of is in a central avenue at the mouth of the Tinto and Odiel rivers dubbed Avenida de Pio XII. There has been no formal comment thus far from the cops to the ghastly discovery. A judge in Huelva has ordered authorities not to release any comments in the premature stages of its judicial probing.


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