Movies that educate us about US Election history

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Over the years, there had been so many movies that educate us about voting and US election history. It may be about a fictional candidate. Sometimes these movies could also be about any historical events about US elections, or a biopic of a famous US political figure. We all learn from these movies how the US elections have evolved through the years and how it has shaped America into what it is today. These movies portray, albeit, with some inconsistencies, the culture of the US and the way they think has continuously evolved through the centuries.

Here are some movies about US election history:

Milk (2008) – LGBTQ+ Rights in US Election History

This is a biographical film about Harvey Milk and his journey towards the public office of California. As America’s first openly gay politician, we understand that his position played a great influence on the recognition of LGBTQ+ rights in America. We could see from this movie how much different life was for the LGBTQ+ community in this very recent past.  One of the lessons we could learn from this movie is how much activism can influence the elections and how political will could transform the lives of many Americans all over the world.

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Iron Jawed Angels (2004) – Women’s Suffrage and the US Election

This is about how two women put pressure on the Federal Government to give women the right to vote. The US only allowed women to participate in the elections around the early 1900s.

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Selma (2014) – African-Americans and the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Did you know that historically, African-Americans had to fight and rally for their rights to vote? Many white communities prevented their African-American counterparts to register for the elections. This is despite the government allowing them to vote. This movie shows how the African-American community fought toward the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Although many critics claim that the movie is not historically accurate, the political essence of the movie is still very much correct.

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Dave (1993) – US Elections and Political Decoys

One fun fact about being a politician is that political decoys are real. Security groups hire political decoys, or doubles, to imitate politicians. The doubles divert the attention of media, paparazzi, or crowd from the actual location of a politician. This is very helpful for campaigns, parades, and any public engagements where the “politician” need not interact with the public. This movie is a story of how hiring political decoys can go horribly wrong.

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