Rooster Kills Police Officer in Cockfighting Raid Gone Wrong


During a cockfighting raid, a policeman was killed after a rooster inadvertently slashed his femoral artery resulting in heavy blood loss.

Christian Bolok, a central Philippines police lieutenant, was picking up the cock as evidence during the Wednesday operation when he was sliced by the spur or blade affixed to the rooster’s leg. He perished while on the way to the emergency room. In the Philippines cockfighting is an ordinary pastime, where sizable sums of cash are gambled on the outcome of what is typically a brawl to the death between two cockerels. With a history bridging hundreds of years, in the Southeast Asian country, the sport has become a lawful billion-dollar sector where breeding farms can be uncovered everywhere and fights are broadcast on TV.

via Chochilino; A rooster equipped with razor-sharp blades as locals engage in banned cockfighting

However, cockfighting was prohibited this year in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19 in a region with the worst infestation in Southeast Asia, with only a handful of places now permitted to legally operate. The law enforcement raid was merely part of an endeavor to stabilize the slope in a country where virus cases have spiked to 373,154. The province said in a statement numerous persons involved in the illegal cockfights tested positive for SARS Cov 2.

Arnel Apud, provincial police chief, said in a statement sent to the press: “I have a heavy heart as we have lost a brother who sacrificed his own life in the name of service.” In a separate interview, Apud told Agence France-Presse this was the first time in more than twenty years that he lost one of his officers in a cockfight raid. Police confiscated wads of money utilized to place bets and seven fighting roosters during the epochal raid and three persons were arrested.


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