Sick of Social Censorship Amid Hunter Biden Cover Up? There’s Another Option

You’ve likely heard the news of Facebook and Twitter’s unusual steps to limit spread of New York Post story surrounding Hunter Biden.

This unprecedented election has left many wondering where to get the facts about candidates and where they can go to freely express opinions. Amid recent events, it has become exceedingly clear that Facebook and Twitter are not unbiased resources.

With Cancel Culture at an all-time high, Facebook has given us plenty of reasons to want to delete our accounts. If the private information leaks, leaving fake videos online and its role in the Russian interference during the 2016 election weren’t enough, The Social Dilemma documentary has people shutting down profiles left and right.

Fortunately, the platform has made it easier than ever to shut you’re your profile and take everything with you (photos other information) before you go.

But where can users safely store information and connect with loved ones once they leave?

Leavemark is a new social media and data storage hybrid (think Dropbox meets Facebook) that prides itself on ad-free and algorithm free data storage and social connectivity. If you’re looking for an alternative platform to store your precious photos and memories once you decide to deactivate Facebook, this could be a good option for you.

“Social media should be a censorship-free, platform for communities to freely share information and connect with one another regardless of political party preference or affiliation,” Said Jason Morgese, Founder and CEO of Leavemark. “In a time where social is considered a primary means for connection and truth, manipulating users in this way is absolutely unacceptable.”

The recently-launched app prides itself as a subscription-based model that will not censor information.

“Many existing social platforms use their power to control information and sway users to think, vote, or buy a certain way,” continued Morgese “Unfortunately, a lot of what we see now in the current social media landscape is negativity, censoring, political rants and grandstanding. It’s also their underlying purpose to mine user data and keep you trapped on their applications, so they can sell more ads. It’s time for users to take back the power and stop giving away their most valuable asset for free.”

Regardless of where you decide to consume your news. It is more important than ever to practice fact-checking and sourcing.


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