Teen Girl Falls to Her Death After Being Chased by Monkeys


A 13-year-old girl has tragically perished after being chased off a roof by a clan of marauding monkeys.

Earlier today, the teen plummeted to her death in Uttar Pradesh, authorities have said. The girl had gone to collect laundry on the roof that had been hung and left to dry prior to being chased by the vehement primates. She was hurried to the hospital, however, physicians declared her DOA (dead on arrival). Monkeys killing people in India appears to be a trend, for the teen’s death is merely one instance out of a galore of cases.

A laborer identified only as Veera, and Laxman Tulisiani, owner of the house and a gold dealer, were slain in the city of Agra. Officials said the men were inspecting the bedraggled property which was under renovation and was scheduled to have a wall on the third flood abstracted. Veera and Tulisiani were on the second floor of the property standing underneath the wall when a mass bout broke out suddenly between 30+ monkeys. The brawling primates struck the wall, causing it to crumble and fall 10ft on to the males beneath. Rescuers pulled the duo from the rubble and they were hauled to an outlying medical center, though both were declared dead from head trauma.

Another fatal attack saw a flock of monkeys break into a woman’s residence while she was breastfeeding her baby before snatching the child away from her. Natives chased the monkey which was wielding the infant and attempted to entice it with food however it bit the baby as persons approached and ran off. The infant was rushed to a hospital nearby though was proclaimed dead on arrival. In another attack, a woman, 58, was bitten by monkeys at night outside her home as she went to relieve herself. She was set upon by a communal of primates who left her ‘bleeding copiously’ from a slew of bite wounds. She was transported to a hospital though later succumbed to her injuries.


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