Where to Go to Vote for the November 2020 Elections

The tensions are high for the 59th quadrennial US Presidential elections. Americans all over the world are glued to their screens to track the polls. Just like in every other election, every vote matters. It is every American’s right to contribute to the selection of a President. You may think that you can only cast a single vote against a million others, but every vote is meaningful and definitely counts. Make your vote matter by ensuring where to vote come election day.

Plan ahead

It is important to make sure that you know the place. The lines may be quite long at the polling stations and there might inevitably be a few inconveniences while voting. This is why it is important to plan.

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Where to go: Find your state polling place ahead of time

There are pre-set polling places for every state. This is why it can be quite confusing to know where to vote, especially for people who move around a lot. Thankfully, there are multiple ways of knowing where to vote this coming November 3rd. Here are some ways to find out polling places per state:

Headcount Website

The website has listed down a contact number for every state all over the US that confirms the location with which a voter could cast their votes. It also links to the government website of local voter registration. Furthermore, it also has a feature that verifies a person’s voter registration.

Image Source: Headcount

The US Government Website

There is a specific option on the dropdown list that directs an individual to the Local Government Website of their state. Usually, voters could register, volunteer, checkout candidate lists, volunteer, and even file complaints on these websites.

Image Source: US Government official Website


This website gives a countdown until the elections. There is a feature where the user could type in their complete address and the website would tell the pollings stations available. Just make sure to double-check registration details if you are truly on the registration list (especially if you move often).

Image Source: Vote Org

How to go: Make sure you know the place

While it is very important to know your assigned polling station, another hurdle is ensuring you know how to get there. Ask yourself, what would be the most convenient time and means to go to the polling station. Are you planning alongside your entire family? What is the safest commute to the polling stations? How long would it take there from my house? These are just some very valid considerations before leaving home to vote.

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