Parents And Facebook Spying: 50% Join Social Network To Spy On Their Children

Facebook and Parenting Spying

Is your mom creeping on your Facebook? Is dad friends all of your buddies? A new study by Education Database Online has found that nearly half of all parents using Facebook have joined to spy on their kids.

Parents are most likely to check up on status updates and photos their children have been tagged in .

According to the study 43 percent of parents check their child’s Facebook profile daily. The study also discovered that 31 percent of parents check their kids account four to five times per week.

Not all parents pry as often, 14 percent of Facebook using parents reported only “sporadically” checking out their kids pages and 11 percent said they check their kids out on Facebook once a month.

One percent of parents using Facebook say they never check out their child’s Facebook profile.

The study also found that 41 percent of parents are most interested in status updates, while 39 percent care about what other people post on their kids wall. 29 percent of Facebook spying parents are most interested in the photos their kids are tagged in.

With approximately 17.5 million Facebook users believed to be under the age of 13 the number of Facebook spying parents is only likely to increase.

Here is the full Education Database Online study in infographic form:

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