Toddler Takes Nude Pics Of Mom, Sends To Her Contacts


While a mom was getting dressed in the morning, in assorted stages of nudation, she was unwittingly part of a racy photoshoot set up by her toddler.

There are many delights to parenting, however, there are also rocky days, and Emily Schmitt recently had one of those. The Ohio real estate agent, 30, is a mum of four, so she’s encountered a lot of what being a mother has to furnish, but even she was astonished by what Carsyn, her two-year-old daughter, pulled off. While au naturel, baby Carsyn was playing with her cell and taking all sorts of pics. Typically that wouldn’t be so bad, but somehow, on Snapchat, the toddler also sent the flicks to a bunch of Schmitt’s pals…with one of them displaying Schmitt’s bare bottom.

Schmitt had zero clue anything even occurred until a co-worker shot her a text and thanked her for “the nudie.” That’s when it dawned on her the image went out to a cluster of contacts, including other co-workers, clients, even old flames. Schmitt said, “I was mortified. I literally think I died for a minute then came back to life so I could tell people what happened,” according to reports. Schmitt posted her fable via social media, Facebook included, where she left the caption, “Since the initial shock is over, and the freakout moments already passed, and the acceptance phase has arrived, I figure I would share what happened to me yesterday. Toddler for sale.”

When it boiled down, Schmitt figured out it was Carsyn that sent the unclad pics to 15 people, remarking, “It’s people I don’t talk to all the time. I was like, ‘Oh, there’s the guy I went to college with who had a crush on me,’ and, ‘Oh, there’s a past client of mine,’ ‘There’s an old co-worker.'” Regarding Carsyn, all the mum had to say is, “It’s so funny – this child of mine is wild. We just say she’s feral – she cannot be tamed.”


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