Here’s How Trump’s COVID-19 Infection affected the Elections

Just recently, Trump and his family have contracted COVID-19 after excessively downplaying the disease and its symptoms since the pandemic began. Many people are alerted (both positively and negatively) by the development of the situation. Since the President rarely wears masks and does not support the wearing of masks, even after recovering from it, a massive contact tracing scheme is being done in the White House. Physically, it would seem that his illness did not affect the elections at all. However, there is more to it than people think.

Trump, Finally COVID-19 Free

The latest news show that Trump may be free of COVID-19 after White House doctors claimed that there are “no actively replicating viruses” in his system. He may now be able to continue with his electoral campaign for the presidency. Currently, he is tailing his Democratic competitor Joe Biden for leads in the electoral polls. Will the remaining time be enough for Trump to change the polls in favor of him?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Downplaying the pandemic

Trump and his family showed rapid recovery from the illness. This, with the fact that he had minimal symptoms, would only lead him and his constituents to further downplay the pandemic. His supporters and his people are thankful that he did not suffer from the horrifying effects of the illness. But since he is such a popular public figure, there are only two outcomes for this: One, that people would finally wake up and realize how President Trump treats important national issues like the pandemic. And two, people would rejoice at the fact that he recovered and further amplify their misunderstanding of COVID-19.

Both scenarios are currently happening right now, and show equal dangers. One is dangerous for him and the other for the rest of America. But is it enough to affect the presidential polls?

Significant loss of time

President Trump’s infection came at the most disadvantageous of times for him. Being quarantined means that he would not be able to attend much of his campaign. He has also lost time to turn over the polls in his favor. The President’s dynamic was not the most stellar in the past few months. The US is one of the worst-hit by the pandemic, yet he still downplays it. Americans have, probably, seen one of the biggest rallies and demonstrations about race, yet he remained mum about it. This already leaves a bad taste in many people’s minds. With the election only a month or so away, he has very limited time to change his game.

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