71-year-old woman is a suspected getaway driver for burglar gang


An elderly bed and breakfast owner is accused of hauling a gang of younger lawbreakers across the country to conduct an aggravated burglary.

The distaff pensioner was apprehended this week along with her youthful cronies as part of an investigation into a daytime break-in at a residence in Mullingar, Co Westmeath. The burglary happened at about 2 pm on Saturday last month on September 19, when a gang of persons broke into the private home. The looters then scoured the property and boosted a plethora of personal items before seizing the keys to the homeowner’s vehicle and driving away. On Monday, investigators performed several searches in the town after distinguishing a number of culprits.

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It’s understood authorities also confiscated items couple with the investigation that will now be analyzed. One of those who was in custody was a woman, 71, who’s a bed and breakfast proprietor in the ­midlands town. Police presume the pensioner was engaged in driving two junior collaborators to and from the aggravated burglary crime scene. They are now too looking into whether she played an analogous role in any preceding crimes carried out by the duo. The two men, aged 45 and 28, derive from the same town as their suspected pensioner henchwoman and are well-known to local authorities.

“These two lads are more known for drug offenses, but it’s suspected that from time to time they carry out burglaries and robberies,” said a source. “It is a strange dynamic in that you have essentially three different (unrelated) generations suspected of involvement in this crime. They are all linked to the business that the woman runs and it is being looked at if she was essentially a getaway driver for this and any other burglaries.”


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