Funniest Trump Tax Tweets and Memes

A few days ago, the hashtag #TrumpTaxes trended online and is still trending to this day. The reason: documentation shows that President Trump paid a measly $750 in taxes. The shock factor was so intense that it shook the entire country! Why won’t you when you find out that you’re paying more QUARTERLY taxes than one of the richest BILLIONAIRES in America? Even a nine-year-old influencer pays more taxes than Donald Trump if the allegations are true. Social media was flooded with posts about this. Some people are angrier than others, while the rest took the sick joke to the extremes producing the funniest memes about the President (again!).

This is not the greatest news nor the best political advertising for the incumbent President now that the 2020 Presidential elections are here. Of course, President Trump has denied all allegations saying that this is nothing but fake news. Still, Americans will not be fazed and the Twitter storm cannot, in any means, be contained.

Here are some of the funniest and cleverest Tweets about the trending Trump Taxes:

The Freeloader-in-Chief

An Extensive Understanding of a “Write-off”

The Tax Guru

‘He Broke’, LOL

The Tax Guy Who Works Magic!

Trump Hair, Don’t Care

Every US Tax Payer Right Now


A Self-Proclaimed Billionaire



Where President Trump may be right now….



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