Robots that can kill the coronavirus with ultraviolet light at train station

ultraviolet light

Robots that can kill the Sars-Cov-2 with ultraviolet light have been ushered into one of the biggest train stations in London.

St Pancras International is attempting to revive customer confidence in the refuge of travel hubs. Stations endured a blow on Friday when Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructed folks to once again work from home where feasible and also ordered bars and restaurants to close early to grapple the second wave of coronavirus infections. According to the most recently accessible yearly data from the ORR (Office of Rail and Road), St Pancras International witnessed 34.6 million exits and entries in 2019, which makes it the ninth busiest station in London.

The Office of Rail and Road has stated the outbreak caused a drastic plummet in the usage of the rail. Head of Stations Operations and Engineering for the High Speed One Channel tunnel rail link, Jay Newton, said: “The main thing for us is to get the confidence of customers. We are the first train station to bring this type of technology in because we want to allow people to use a train station with confidence, use our retail units with confidence, and slowly get back to a normal way.”

The station said the golems utilize ultraviolet light to sweep sizable areas without requiring chemical disinfectant, adding the tech could wipe out nearly 100% of viruses and bacteria – including COVID-19 – in the surrounding air and on surfaces in minutes. St Pancras International shares ties to six London Underground lines with bordering King’s Cross station and is the depot of the Eurostar link to Brussels, Amsterdam, and Paris.


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