Man stunned to discover a brain washed up on the beach


A man wandering the beach was shocked after finding a brain shrouded in aluminum foil that washed up somehow on the shore.

James Senda from Wisconsin was combing for sea glass at Samuel Myers Park on Sunday when he stumbled upon a brick-molded package draped in aluminum foil bearing a pink rubber band. Believing the package held drugs or money and overcome with oddity, Senda unpeeled the foil only to unearth a brain — along with foreign money and pink flowers. Senda told reporters: “When I first opened it, I think I was so shocked it didn’t click what it was. I walked up to city workers nearby and I was like, ‘Did I just find a brain?'”

via Newsbreezer; Brain that washed up on the Wisconsin beach

Authorities said on Monday the central organ did not belong to a human, however medical examiners are uncertain what animal it came from, according to various reports. Some persons of the community feel the brain may have been associated with a send-off rite for the deceased, which comprises items — such as flowers and money — they can utilize in the afterlife, though no soul “can explain the brain,” noted Senda.

The brain was not decomposed and was bigger than the size of his lengthened hand, he acknowledged. Senda added: “I’m glad I’m the one who found it. Imagine a grandma or mom, or a kid that was playing nearby, was the one who saw and unwrapped it. I’m 47 and I’m freaked out about it.”


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