Burglar falls asleep in room while stealing, wakes up to cops arresting him


Unable to repel the enticement of a chilled room, a depleted burglar dozed off for quite some time while curled up below the owner’s cot.

In a heist gone terribly bad, a burglar fell asleep in the course of his larceny in the snugness of a cooled room. According to reports, a 21-year-old male who tried to rob a residence in Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district went to sleep under the owner’s bed in the middle of the evening and ultimately was busted red-handed. On September 17, Suri Babu, a Gokarvam village resident attempted the crime after doing a recco of the abode, which belonged to the proprietor of a petrol bunk, over an extensive period of time.

During the recce, Babu had carefully noted the daily routine of Satti Venkat Reddy, e.g. when does he go to bed for the night, where does he keep his cash, etc. At 4 am on the ultimate night, the thief entered the unsecured house and crept inside Reddy’s room who was fast asleep by then. For some reason that night Reddy had kept monies on his side table, making it smoother for Babu. Following, underneath Reddy’s cot the fatigued robber absorbed the cool-tempered room and dozed off.

Waking up to the robber’s snoring, Reddy instantly tip-toed out of his bedroom, from the outside bolted it, and called the authorities. Once the cops swarmed inside the room, the napping thief locked himself inside. Though, after much persuasion, he opened the door finally and faced the music. constable Arjun from the Gokavaram police station noted: “He told us that he was tired and since the air conditioner was also on, he could not resist the sleep.” The police disclosed that Babu owned a small sweet shop however didn’t earn much money from it. Submerged in debt, he figured thieving would assist him in getting out of his financial woes.


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