Top 5 YouTubers In The World

When you stream a video on YouTube, you are connecting with a global online community.

Content creators, vloggers, hobbyists, and professionals from all over the world are reaching out in the hope of entertaining or educating as wide an audience as possible. For those who hit the big time, there are lucrative opportunities for affiliate marketing and ad revenue sharing through the platform’s ‘Partner Program,’ as well as the prestige of having a subscriber fanbase of hundreds of thousands – or millions – of viewers.

YouTubers like PewDiePie have an enormous global reach. The Swedish game-reviewer-cum-vlogger, who currently lives in the UK, has 105 million subscribers, making him the most popular YouTuber in the world.

So, a gaming channel is number one, but what other content does the world love to stream? The top YouTubers from various different countries can give an interesting insight into the variety of international content that attracts big audiences.

Here are five hugely successful YouTubers from different countries around the world:

1. Ahmed Hassan Family (Egypt)

The most highly-viewed YouTuber in Africa is Ahmed Hassan and his young family. The wholesome family content that documents the daily lives, celebrations and special occasions of the two parents and their young child has touched the hearts of 5.45 million subscribers and gets a huge 2,819,274 views every day.

2. A4 (Belarus)

Belarusia’s most popular YouTube channel follows Vlad Bumaga and his friends as they enact a variety of creative stunts, skits, pranks, and parodies. His playful brand of humor and creativity have attracted 20 million followers and 10,021,813 daily views, making him the most successful YouTuber in Belarusia, and second in Europe after PewDiePie.

3. Fozi Mozi (Palestine)

The children’s entertainment channel Fozi Mozi is the most successful YouTuber coming from Palestine, and with 7.7 million subscribers, the fourth most popular in the Middle East and Central Asia region. With an energetic mix of colorful costumes, catchy songs, and mad-cap storylines, it’s no wonder that children love it.

4. 李子柒 Liziqi (China)

The hugely popular ‘How to’ YouTuber from China has quietly won the hearts of 11.1 million subscribers and gets a massive 3,678,68 views daily. There’s something quite therapeutic about her gentle tutorials on traditional cooking and natural crafting projects, in which barely a word is ever spoken.

5. Ami Rodriguez (Colombia)

Ami Rodriquez is the most popular YouTuber from Colombia. His channel, which features bold and perky music videos, bright costumes, parodies, sketches, and challenges, has charmed 11.7 million subscribers and gets 1,109,070 views per day, making him the fourth most successful YouTuber in South America.

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