‘Turkey Dinner-flavored’ candy corn being made by Brach’s

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Brach’s is shaking things up this Thanksgiving season by releasing a “Turkey Dinner” flavor of its truly contentious candy corn.

Folks have a lot of viewpoints regarding candy corn — some love it, some hate it. Though now we can all concur, its latest flavor sounds … disconcerting. Candy corn, originally dubbed “chicken feed” (first blunder), is difficult to miss. The white, orange and yellow trilateral candies are waxy, bright, and insanely sweet. Apart from their flavor, the candies are widely utilized also for decorating Halloween-theme crafts. But appears this year, however, Brach’s is attempting to broaden candy corn’s shaky reputation beyond the last day in October.

The limited-edition, new flavor is named Turkey Dinner. That’s right, sweets… that tastes like turkey … and beyond. A spokesperson from Brach’s confirmed to news outlets that the Thanksgiving candies are not a prank, very real, and through the fall season at Walgreens already on shelves throughout the country for $2.99 per 12-ounce bag. The flavors include cranberry sauce, green beans, sweet potato pie, stuffing, ginger glazed carrot, and roasted turkey. Someone on Twitter tweeted: “Run, we are IN the horror movie! The call is coming from inside the house.”

Other Tweeters are looking at the illuminated side of the Brach’s new flavor: “It’s a whole meal in one bite.” This is not the first time the lilliputian fall concoction has tested or caused a stir in the flavor department. Brach’s rolled out another meal-styled variant of the corn syrup candy in 2016: Brunch. Although, chocolate chip pancake candies are way more congenial than green bean ones, correct? Guess we’ll have to stop by Walgreens, grab a bag of Turkey Dinner candy corn, chow down and get back to you with some notes.


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