Prison Escapee Apprehended After Nearly 50 Years on Run


A prison escapee from Colorado was unearthed living under an alias in New Mexico after the cop he shot decades ago tracked him down.

The FBI said in a statement Larry Pusateri, 77, also known as Luis Archuleta, was detained Monday in Espanola, New Mexico, where he had been hiding under the alias Ramon Montoya for roughly 40 years. In 1971, Pusateri was charged in shooting of Daril Cinquanta, a Denver police officer who had pulled over Pusateri to check his ID, according to reports. When Cinquanta attempted to search for weapons, the two got into a fight, and Cinquanta was ultimately shot in the abdomen, reports said.

In 1973, a jury convicted Pusateri of assault with a deadly weapon. Daril, who since retired and launched his own private investigation firm, never stopped knocking on doors and making phone calls in hopes of tracking down Pusateri, reports state. His tenacity paid off when a tipster phoned him. Cinquanta said: “I get a phone call from an individual and this person says, ‘I’ve thought about it, and I’m gonna tell you where the guy is who shot you,’ and of course I was skeptical. Forty-six years later, and out of the clear blue I get a phone call. Well, this person gives me his address and his alias … and other facts that meant nothing at the time.”

A Colorado federal court issued a fresh arrest warrant concerning the prison escape and Pusateri was arrested in the little town about 32 kilometers (20 miles) north of Santa Fe. FBI Special Agent Michael Schneider from Denver explained the “arrest should send a clear signal to violent offenders everywhere: The FBI will find you, no matter how long it takes or how far you run, and we will bring you to justice.” Daril hopes to visit the longtime escapee in Colorado when he returns to custody. The retired cop added: “I would love to sit down and talk to him. He may or may not talk to me. Who knows?”


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