Man Who Survived Alligator Bite Attacked By Shark


A man who enjoys spending his free time on the water now has two feral fables to tell, one involving a gator and the other involving a shark.

Justin Stuller, from a village in Lee County, Florida, has the scars to solidify the tales as well. Last week, Stuller and his family traveled to the Florida Keys as part of the mini-season to nab some spiny lobsters…however, his fishing entertainment took a wrong turn when an 8-foot lemon shark decided to take a bite out of him instead. It all commenced when he spotted an injured fish and dove down to some rocks to recover it.

via Kodoom; Justin Stuller with stitches in his leg after a shark attack

Stuller informed the news reporters: “I put (the fish) in a hole, and right before I surfaced, wham, I felt the skin more than the shark. It rolled me over and I saw it swimming away.” With an open wound on his leg now, he breast-stroked back to the surface and notified his fishing pals and family to get out of the water. He claimed once they got back on the boat, they were able to evaluate the injury and execute first aid steps that included applying bandages and gauze to cease the bleeding. Stuller continued: “I tied it off and actually lost very little blood. It was pretty deep, but no bone. I was very lucky, no tendons.”

Though it’ll take more than two dozen stitches to keep the vet diver and fisherman away from the water. He told reporters that once with friends he was gator hunting and had the reptile roped when the gator opted for retribution. Stuller said: “As he rolled he kind of clamped on my leg, you know? One good clamp and then one real good clamp.” Regardless of the discernible lousy luck, Stuller remains sanguine. “I mean, a lot worse things that could happen in those cases in my opinion,” added Stuller. “It was as good of a bad experience as you could have, I would say.”


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