A Puppy Named Narwhal Has An Extra Tail On His Head


A forsaken puppy, fittingly dubbed Narwhal, has found internet stardom for his unicorn-like (and very unique) birth defect.

Mac’s Mission (a Missouri rescue group) staffers,  that particularizes in canines with special needs, abuse or injuries, have taken in the 9-week-old baby dog, who came out the womb with an extra tail ― smack in the middle of his forehead! The pup is rapidly getting global publicity, which his foster family acknowledges is incredible for all the other dogs with special needs at the mission. The rescue group posted on its Facebook page that Narwhal is “super excited for being the poster child for ‘special is awesome.’”

“The tail is likely a congenital defect,” said Dr. Brian Heuring, a veterinarian at The Cape Small Animal Clinic. “Those usually manifest in dogs as cleft palates or extra toes, and the causes can range from environmental factors to toxins the puppy’s mother may have been exposed to.” The vet said he feels Narwhal could have a unique life purpose. “He could visit schools, hospitals, and nursing homes, and show others that being different is MORE than OK ― it’s great, in fact.” There’s only one matter they’d alter about Narwhal according to posts from the employees at Mac’s Mission: “We all wish it wagged! The extra tail is not connected to anything and has no real use other than making him the COOLEST PUPPY EVER!”

Though people are thirsting to adopt this little dude (Zach Braff included, who wrote on Twitter, “CAN HE WAG IT?!?!?! ANSWER ME IMMEDIATELY!!!! I NEED HIM!”), the rescue group stated the pup is not available for adoption at the moment. They wrote: “We want him to grow a bit more and truly make sure the tail doesn’t become a bother or problem.” Spares aside, Narwhal appears like any other whelp—playful, naughty, and so cute it makes you teary-eyed watching. Check him out in the above video.


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