Researchers Discover Nightmarish ‘Sea Cockroach’ With 14 Legs

Sea Cockroach

At the bottom of the Indian Ocean, researchers from Singapore have unearthed a mammoth ‘sea cockroach’ – and it may haunt your dreams.

The singular crustacean was discovered during a marine survey led by National University of Singapore’s Peter Ng and colleagues, according to reports. During the 2-week excursion to the deep sea in Indonesia off the coast of West Java, the team gathered over 12,000 deep-sea animals – of which the giant cockroach was one. The roach has been granted the name “Bathynomus raksasa.” It’s too been verified as belonging to a new taxonomic group.

The finding has formed a craze on social media, obtaining a plethora of aghast reactions. The monster Bathynomus is a deep-sea creature that can mature up to  50 cm (20 inches) in size, making it the second-biggest amphipod species known to science. Although they have been dubbed cockroaches of the sea, these 14-legged crustaceans are in fact more intimately related to other marine species such as shrimp and crabs.

The sea cockroach – whose compound eyes and head have earned it the moniker’ Darth Vader‘ – endures by scavenging for the remains of deceased marine animals and resides on the ocean bed. They are also able to go long periods of time without consuming food. Indonesian Institute of Sciences’ own Cahyo Rahmadi told reporters that the uncovering of the new species was particularly noteworthy in terms of the ecosystem where it was seized and its size. During the voyage, researchers unconcealed 12 other new species as well.


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