US Government to Shed Light on Recent UFO Sightings

Recent news has reported that the Pentagon and the US military (and Navy) are to release videos and explanations on both recent and historic UFO sightings in the country. It is required for the agency that are handling UFO sighting analysis to provide publicized reports. These will be submitted to an Intelligence Committee to further analyze, process, and validate recent (and historical) UFO sightings.

It was the year 1947 and the biggest UFO controversy abounds in the US. The Roswell encounter is probably one most controversial UFO sightings in the history of the United States. Then, Area 51 was built a little over 10 years later. This place is pretty much the biggest, and most secretive, military bases in the entire country. What made these incidents more intriguing is the fact that the US government was always so mum about it. The military has classified all pertinent information and the citizens are left to their devices to create explanations to the reaction of the United States government.

The US Government on UFOs

In history, it was the responsibility of the Navy and the Military to collect, analyze, and archive any reported UFO sightings within the US aerospace. This was to protect the interests and the security of the citizens of the United States. In 2007, a new department called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was created under the US Department of Defense. This was to analyze all unclassified UFO sightings within the US. It was budgeted by the US government but was only set to be operational a total of five years. This department was closed in 2012.

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It was only in 2017 when a new task force was created to replace the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The new task force was named Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force. They are responsible for tracking down, analyzing, and archiving any information on UFO sightings. This government unit is still operational to date.

In 2020, it was discussed in a Senate Hearing that unclassified information reviewed by the UAP Task Force be subjected to an Intelligence Committee. This was to create an additional analysis to any data produced by the task force. This legitimizes the issue that there is a possibility that UFO sightings from extraterrestrial beings MAY be true. Experts on the field may be able to freely discuss the matter with the public, with the support of the government.

The US and their UFO Unit to Prove Alien Life is Real?

It was only in June of 2020 when the issue on UFO sightings was discussed by politicians in the US. Senator Marco Rubio has requested that UFO sightings collected by the Navy be made public. It was announced as early as April of 2020 that three Navy-recorded videos (or sightings) will be released to the public.

Actually, the main purpose of the request made by the Senator is not (entirely) to prove or disprove that extraterrestrial life is real. But it is only to create a sense of transparency among agencies of the government. What is considered as “classified” information may be re-investigated by a “new set of eyes”. There are possibilities that a variety of conclusions can be made from these investigations. These are considered better than keeping multiple agencies of the government in the dark about what is flying above the US airspace.

This request has been made out of fear that what is called “Unidentified Flying Vehicles” are in fact not from outer space. Instead, these may be “advanced technologies” which are illegally created by individuals or groups. This may be rooted from valid concerns of terrorism. One thing is clear: whether or not these vehicles are extraterrestrial beings, they pose a serious threat to US National Security.

There are allegations from multiple agencies of the government that this intelligence information acquired from what is called “UFO Sightings” are unequally shared across the board. This may prevent proper investigation and processing of such sightings which could essentially lead to unwarranted threats to US security.

A Recent Spike on Alleged UFO Sightings

What is interesting, however, is the fact that there had been a recent spike of UFO sightings not only in the US but in Canada as well. These all happened during the pandemic. This is the time when people have a lot of opportunity to explore their previous hobbies and interests. Researches found that sightings across Canada increased by an amount of 50 percent compared to data of the previous year.

However, scientists have explained that a good majority of these sightings are mistakes or misidentification. Some sightings could just be airplanes, aerial vehicles (like the ISS), stars, or even meteors. However, there are still a good amount of sightings that remain unexplained to this date. What is most interesting about these sightings are reports from pilots. The radar detects another vehicle (possible collision reports) despite not finding anything physically.

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