Baker employs female urine from public toilets to produce ‘Goldilocks bread’


An industrious baker is mixing up her bread ‘reci-pee,’ by utilizing wheat fertilized with female urine cultivated from public restrooms.

“Urine is a great fertilizer,” spoke the self-declared “ecofeminist” and engineer Louise Raguet, who frequently gathers liquid excretory from women urinals in Paris’ 14th Arrondissement, according to reports. She’s the brainchild behind Goldilocks bread — or “Boucle d’Or.” Raguet’s aim: To create a sustainable food cycle, and “break taboos over excrement.” Roughly 29 million loaves of pee-leveraging bread could be baked every day, saving farmers more than 700 tons of nitrogen used in artificial fertilizers on a daily basis, according to a modern survey published by the French Urban Planning Agency.

Maybe it’s true what they claim: April showers impart May flours! Raguet noted: “It’s a neglected liquid, usually dismissed as a waste,” furthering that urine retains potassium, nitrogen, and a bunch of other nutrients that plants distill from the soil. Per se, it “ought to be treated like a gold mine,” she added. Relieving yourself in the bathroom is flushing food potential literally down the commode. She explained: “When you pee in water, treatment plants remove the nutrients. They do not return to the earth. The system is not circular.”

It’s undetermined how pee impacts the taste of the bread; its reported sterility, when discharged from the human body, has been the center of scientific debate often. Thereby, before implementing it in the wheat used in Boucle d’Or, Raguet dilutes the freakish element 20 times to assure its cleanliness further. The choice to use female urine was part of what the engineer calls “ecofeminism,” which proponents using eco-friendly commodities to empower women.


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