Students hosting ‘COVID parties’ to see who gets the virus

COVID parties

Alabama State University students have been participating in disturbing contests dubbed ‘COVID parties’ to see who can catch the deadly germ first.

Sonya McKinstry, Tuscaloosa City Councilor, claimed students have been staging “COVID parties” as a game to deliberately infect each other with the infection that has slain more than 127,000 persons in the U.S. alone. She stated she recently learned of the conduct and told the city council of the shindigs taking place in the city. She alleged the arrangers of the parties are intentionally inviting patrons who have the coronavirus.

McKinstry explained: “They put money in a pot and they try to get COVID. Whoever gets COVID first gets the pot. It makes no sense. They’re intentionally doing it.” Randy Smith, Tuscaloosa Fire Chief, told the City Council on Friday:  “We thought that was kind of a rumor at first. We did some research. Not only do the doctors’ offices confirm it but the state confirmed they also had the same information.” It was undetermined if the COVID-positive students contaminated anyone at the parties they went to.

McKinstry stressed she fears that some individuals will attend the bashes not knowing their objectives and be susceptible to purulent guests. She told reporters “we’re trying to break up any parties that we know of,” adding the festering students are evidently defying regulations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to self-quarantine for fourteen days. “It’s nonsense,” added McKinstry. “But I think when you’re dealing with the mind frame of people who are intentionally doing stuff like that and they’re spreading it intentionally, how can you truly fight something that people are constantly trying to promote?”


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