Man sues his date for $162,994 claiming he caught herpes from kissing her


A personal trainer is suing a woman for $162,994 in compensation due to her “negligence” after he contracted mouth herpes from kissing her.

Martin Ashley Conway alleges he has been “traumatized” and his work life severely affected after catching the cold sore herpes simplex virus via smooching with a woman in London during a romantic rendevous. Conway contends his date – who went by Jovanna Lovelace and was a member of like him – was “negligent” in snogging him when she had a fresh cold sore. The 45-year-old man stresses she had an obligation to protect him from procuring a “virus for life”.

via The Mirror; Martin Ashley Conway going on a date

Several days after the date Conway says he became ill, developing mouth ulcers and flu-like symptoms, and even had to be hurried into the ER after having a panic attack. He is now suing Jovanna Lovelace for roughly $163,000, asserting she has to pay for infecting him with a germ which has left him necessitating therapy. Conway’s internet honey, who is in her 30s, is combatting the compensation claim in Central London County Court, which her attorneys describe as “vexatious and frivolous” and destined to fail.

Conway arrogates he can’t go cycling anymore, as he’s concerned that the stress and heat will ignite a mouth eruption. “I was upset, angry, and very confused. I wanted justice and it was then I decided I wanted to take legal action against the respondent for the illness she brought upon me,” Conway said of the relationship with the woman. “The respondent owed me a duty of care…(and) harm was reasonably foreseeable. It is fair, just and reasonable for the court to impose a duty of care upon the respondent, due to the risk that was negligently being taken with my health, which was reasonably foreseeable which led to three weeks of severe acute symptoms, leading to emotional, physical and financial distress.”


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