Airlines prohibit alcohol on flights in response to Covid-19

Alcohol sales may have skyrocketed during the lockdown, however, our return to air journey will be an entirely more sobering go through.

Airlines including American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines in the United States, Asia’s Virgin Australia, KLM, and Easyjet in Europe, are discontinuing all or part of their alcoholic beverages service in response to the novel coronavirus. It’s part of a pervasive alteration of the industry’s drinks and food service to mitigate interaction between passengers and crew and to ensure a sounder trip for all. With face masks mandated already on all flights around the globe pretty much, and a new bill introduced in January 2020 to curtail anti-social behavior on planes, it’s another in a line of roadblocks — legal and literal — to getting plowed on the clouds.

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Many airlines are constraining beverage options to water solely. As face masks must remain on other than when passengers are imbibing and eating, it’s a method to ensure passengers are tarrying over their refreshments for short periods of time. Delta Airlines is not serving alcohol within the Americas or on domestic flights, but spirits, wine, and beer can be had on all other international flights.

On American Airlines’ flights, food and drink service is limited in the main cabin in accordance with destination and flight length. Access to adult beverages, though, is the conserve of the lucky in First Class and long-distance international flights. Thereby if you’re flying this summer, pack plenty of healthy snacks and water, when not drinking or eating keep your face mask on, and be delighted that you’re being sheltered from alcohol-based dehydration, a huge component when it comes to jet lag.


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