Windows Live Messenger ‘Updating’ To Skype On April 8

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is being phased out after serving Microsoft customers for 13 years. Announced in late 2012 the service will officially come to an end on April 8 and be replaced with Skype service.

Last month Microsoft announced to some customers that the change would occur on March 15. According to the The Verge’s Tom Warren only a “small number” of Windows Live Messenger customers will flip over to Skype in March. The remaining customers will receive an “upgrade” to the Skype platform on April 8.

English-language customers will be the first to receive the upgrade followed by a transition a few weeks later for the Brazilian Portuguese version which will be completed by April 30.

Skype is attempting to make the transition simply by pre-streaming the client data to the user, so the upgrade will be already on the machine when the notification arrives.

The upgrade only applies to desktop-based Windows Live Messenger users. Microsoft has not announced plans to cut off mobile support at this time. However, API access to Windows Live Messenger eventually will be shutdown.

Will you miss Windows Live Messenger?

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