10 Uplifting Twitter Moments Amidst the US Protests


The current US protests are full of violence from the police. Tear gas, rubber bullets, smoke bombs, and more. However, there is still something to look forward to as people join in on compassion and empathy for each other. Here are a few feel-good and inspiring moments amidst the US protests.

People protesting for the movement #BlackLivesMatter

1. Sheriff Joins March in Michigan

The original goal was to talk to the demonstrators but he ended up actually joining their march.  The Sheriff even gave a speech later on saying that the police are there just to ensure that the protest was peaceful. He also reiterated that the police department supports protesters’  freedom of speech.

As cities across the country burned Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson embraced protesters and marched with them on Miller Road in Flint Twp.https://t.co/3LF67okz6Y

— Mid-Michigan NOW (@midmichigannow) May 31, 2020

2. Canadians in Muskoka peacefully join in the US protests

A peaceful demonstration while still following social distancing rules. Citizens of Muskoka in Canada joined in on the US protests against the unjust death of hundreds of people from police brutality.

“Every human knows the personal reality of pain, of suffering,” said Cassie. “The hard work and choice we have always before us is whether we transform our pain into compassion for others, so the same can be said of love.”#HuntsvilleON #Muskoka https://t.co/oeEmBkkjVr

— MuskokaRegion.com (@MuskokaRegion) June 3, 2020

3. A Celebration of Life for George Floyd in Puerto Rica

Death will always be sorrowful, but the life well lived should always be thanked for. Protests against racism and police brutality were done with dancing and music in the town of Loiza in Puerto Rico.

4. A Police Officer gives a moving speech in a US Protest

The police chief of Houston gave an inspiring speech to demonstrators. It seems that a person of color himself, he is one with US protesters. He was almost in tears sharing his own experiences of being a member of the minority. He assured that his department will march with the demonstrators, to fight for what is right.

5. Protester Embraces an #AllLivesMatter” Protester

Saying that #AllLivesMatter, in context is right. However, in the middle of this racial issue in America, it actually takes away people’s focus from the center of the movement – which is racial bias and police brutality. It simply isn’t the right time to bring this argument to the table.

6. Barrack Obama Inspires: Change is Possible

Saying that Americans miss former president Barrack Obama is an understatement. He says that he could feel the incoming change that may happen in America. He believes in the ability of Americans to create the change that they are looking for.

7. A Barrier of Love and Compassion

A group of women created a human barrier against the police to protect demonstrators in Kentucky. It may not be their fight now, but this may be the best way to show empathy and support in this crisis.

8. Peaceful US protests reach the Pacific

Leagues away, people from New Zealand flock the streets to join US protests against racism and police brutality.

9. Walking out for Change

Breonna Taylor was a young African American woman who was fatally shot by police in Louisville about two months before George Floyd’s death. A demonstration to fight for the life of Breonna Taylor in Louisville took a crazy turn as many police officers walked out on the mayor. They put in long hours, face violence against protesters. Put in a tight spot, they follow the mayor’s orders of tightening security. However, he simply does not give them support.

10. A cute little boy leads a protest

A little boy leading a “Black Lives Matter” chant. A lot of people might be appalled by this. However, this young boy might be a victim in his future, if things do not change now. Just a feel-good reminder that anyone can lobby for change – young and old.

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