Parrot Heard Victim’s Last Words & Will Be Used In Murder Trial

parrot words

Following the rape and murder of an Argentina woman, the words of her pet parrot will be utilized as evidence in court.

Authorities believe the parrot was repeating 46-year-old Elizabeth Toledo’s last words, who was murdered in San Fernando. Toledo was raped and killed in her abode in the town of Virreyes. Argentinian police officers discovered her beaten, naked, and with indications of strangulation. One officer contended at the crime scene that as he was prepping to depart when he heard the parrot yelp “¡Ay por favor soltame, ay no!” (“oh, please let me go, oh no!”)

parrot words
via Daily Mail; Elizabeth Toledo

Toledo’s roommates, Jorge Raúl Álvarez, 64, and Miguel Saturnino Rolón, 52, will appear in court on charges of homicide and aggravated sexual assault – charges that can give them life imprisonment if convicted. A third suspect was connected to the heinous crime, however, the link was rejected when he presented a tenable alibi that he had been put out by the owner of the apartment for previously attacking Toledo.

A neighbor heard the parrot say “por qué me pegaste?” (“why did you beat me?”) on a different occasion. One crucial piece of evidence in the case is defensive bruises uncovered on the body – a bite mark imprint on the left on the victim’s arm, which police say was “like a fingerprint.” Bibiana Santella, the prosecutor in charge of the murder/rape case, explained DNA evidence “ties Álvarez to Toledo’s killing and rape,” while the bite marks on Toledo’s forearm match Rolon’s teeth.


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