COVID Memes and Jokes for Comic Relief – Because We Can All Use It Right Now!

Oh, the wonders of the internet! Who would have known that the internet will bring us a new form of entertainment during this COVID-19 pandemic with just a single photo and 280 characters? (Thank Heavens for Twitter!) A single photo, or GIF (JEEF, or G.I.F?), is worth a thousand words indeed.

The COVID-19 pandemic is no joke. It has affected everything about the world from serious global affairs up to even the tiniest aspects of people’s lives. But a small source of joy in all this crazy is not exactly a bad thing. Besides, comedic relief is a good way to take all the stress away. What better way to de-stress but to look at memes and jokes online?

Here are a few different meme categories that are quite popular during this period of quarantine:

Zoom meetings be like:

Working from home is the latest buzz in all businesses and companies.  Zoom is one of the most popular apps so far for conferences, meetings, and other conversations. The new normal now is that we ‘online’ everything.


The Brady Bunch? Nah, it’s just me, Jim, and Carol from Accounting.

Homeschooling, Online Classes, and Senior Pranks:

Students in online classes have been so creative in taking tests, pranking their teachers, and more. Do we need still need to notify the teacher when we need to go to the bathroom?

Students inside the teacher’s bedroom? Yeah, that’s quarantine for y’all.

COVID-19 and Politics

Politics is pretty much the most popular topic in memes and jokes about the COVID-19. It seems that people would rather poke fun at politicians than dwell on their frustrations about the crisis, right?

Who says world leaders can’t have bloopers, eh?

Floofs, puppers, and doggos:

It never occurred to many that pets are the best co-workers in the world. And, it is also not bad to say that pets are the happiest when their humans work from home.

My dog be like: Karen, why don’t you just go back to work already?

From kitchen amateurs to instant chefs:

Cooking is probably one of the biggest struggles people had to face at the beginning of the stay-at-home mandate. But, with nothing to do, experimenting with food can be a good way to pass the time.

Day 1 of quarantine: heating pizza rolls on the microwave. Day 20 of quarantine: Four-way wings with vegan dips

Parents with kids at home:

A lot of parents have been saying that teachers should be paid more, now that they know how difficult it is to teach ONE child. How much more difficult is it to teach 30 kids all at once?

So, this ~crazy~ is the reason why we send kids to school all day, every day huh?

COVID-19 Quarantine day counters:

Day 999 of Quarantine: I AM OFFICIALLY A WIZARD.

Toilet paper, water, and sanitizers:

It is difficult to say how people got the idea that toilet paper can save us from the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, people annoyingly hoarded them anyway.

How about I trade my gold bars to your toilet paper dozens?

They say that every day, a new vlogger is born in this COVID-19 quarantine.

With so many contents and millions of viewers all over the world, a lot of people are quite motivated to upload their lives on the internet.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my Vlog!

Going all crazy, beyond reason:

With nothing to do, many people started reading their spam emails.

Need to pass this message to 100 of my friends or else, I will never be able to buy toilet paper for the next 10 years.

TikTok here, TikTok there, TikTok everywhere:

It all starts by downloading the app. Then, creating an account to view other people’s uploads. What follows is secretly practicing viral dance moves. It all ends with everyone from the TikTok nation watching your latest viral upload.


Nothing beats bringing out the hidden dancer in you.

Social distancing anyone?

The World Health Organization states that the safe person-to-person distance during this COVID-19 pandemic is about 6-feet. A lot of people on the internet started to upload their thoughts on how to measure this distance.

Memes as a cure-all for sadness

Depression, anxiety, sadness, stress – these are just some of the possible mental health effects isolation can bring during this pandemic. Laughing a little does not necessarily mean that we don’t care about what is going on with the world. Some call looking at memes as a coping mechanism. While others call it self-love. But for many, looking at memes is just looking at memes. It does not need an explanation. Many just consider looking at memes as a means of daily entertainment. Be it about the COVID-19 or something else.

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