Football Team Says Sorry For Using Sex Dolls to Fill Stands


A professional football team has apologized after “dummies” it utilized over the weekend as substitute fans during a game turned out to be bonking dolls.

FC Seoul, a club in the K-League, claimed the dolls, which had been speckled around stands presently off-limits to backers due to the COVID-19 epidemic, had been arranged unwittingly after a “misinterpretation” with the supplier. The K-League was the first major football league earlier this month to host games since the start of the outbreak, with the season’s opening match viewed by a global audience of fanatics famished of live football.

However, FC Seoul’s effort to bring a touch of naturalism to Sunday’s game against Gwangju FC botched after social media users detected that the dummies seemed more like sex dolls. Some highlighted that some were holding posters boasting BJ Chaero, the name of the famed live streamer  – supposedly the physical encouragement for the dolls’ layout. The club contended it had been the victim of confusion, stressing it had checked with the supplier and gotten guarantees that the sex objects were not meant for carnal use.

FC Seoul said in a post on social media: “We would like to apologize to the fans. We are deeply sorry.” They furthered: “Our intention was to do something light-hearted in these difficult times. We will think hard about what we need to do to ensure that something like this never happens again.” One social media wasn’t convinced though. “There must have been a countless number of people involved in getting that approved, shipped, dressed, and seated. In that process, no one thought to question the visuals of these mannequins?”


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