Couple Risks It All To Provide Masks to America


The proprietor of a manufacturing company shifted his output when the coronavirus epidemic started to make face masks to safeguard the public from the germ.

Several months back, John Rexroad switched part of his Madison-based gauze manufacturing company and began producing facemasks for his new business, Masks for Citizens. They’ve cranked out thousands of them to shield people from the dispersion of the highly-virulent COVID-19. Rexroad, President & CEO of Masks for Citizens, said: “It’s about getting masks to the public, it’s about helping those in need, and it’s about filling that.”

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“The driving force,” he noted, “was that knowing people were in need. With my wife being the kidney transplant patient, I know there are a lot of people in need. I knew the elderly people needed to be protected.” Every mask is adjustable and washable and designed with 3 layers of cotton. For each $7 cloak the company sells, an additional one is donated to a merited cause of the buyer’s choice. Rexroad explained: “It’s also important to me to have charities receive masks as I’m doing this.” Before you purchase any recyclable mask, health experts urge they should be configured with thick material for security.

John and his spouse, Teri, put their retirement savings and company on the line for this endeavor but are delighted to potentially save lives during the outbreak. The couple is moving swiftly to assist our nation during this tricky time. John added: “I’m concerned with the imports coming into the country putting us so vulnerable. So, it’s important to me that I’m using a domestic, made in America product and it’s a national outreach. Not just a state outreach.”


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