5 Signs Quarantine Is Getting The Best Of You & How To Fix It

Most of the world has been quarantined for the past couple of months and some are handling it better than others. When the mandatory quarantine orders were put into effect, many people worried about mental health repercussions, especially those people who have to quarantine alone. Most of us struggled in the beginning, but it appears that the vast majority of society has decided to take this time to work on their health and wellness.

There has been a drastic increase in people walking and running around their neighborhood, as well as increasing their vitamin and nutrient intake to boost their immune system. Many people have turned to the benefits of CBD gummies for daily wellness because many companies have started to incorporate multivitamins and other essential nutrients into their gummies. If you’ve been feeling a little “off”, check out these indicators and corresponding remedies that could help you.

Your Feeling Down More Than Usual

We all have our days where we feel a little down, or under the weather for whatever reason. If you’ve been feeling on the sad side lately, it could be stemming from a couple of things. The first thing could be that you’re feeling a little down because your daily routine has been turned upside down. Maybe you lost your job, maybe your hours were cut, or maybe you just really hate working from home, but for whatever reason, you’re just not “feeling” it. You could also be feeling a little down due to the decrease of vitamin D exposure because just those small amounts of sun you get during your regular commute/ errands provide a baseline amount of vitamin D and translates to energy and happiness. 


It’s easy to fall into a routine that involves the couch, emails, and kitchen visits, but make sure you get outdoors and take a small walk everyday. This exposure to the sun will boost your mood and allow you to soak up all the beautiful scenery in your neighborhood.


Your Eating Habits Have Changed

It’s no secret that the more you’re home, the more you’re going to eat, and probably not in the healthiest way possible. Don’t worry, you’re not in this situation alone, and most of us are calling this weight gain the “quarantine 15”. You have to keep an eye on your eating habits because sometimes it can be an indicator that depression is creeping in. You might notice changes such as not really caring and just eating whatever…whenever. 


Balance is key in any situation, especially during quarantine periods. You can achieve balance by implementing the 80/20 rule. Make sure to eat a balanced diet, but don’t deny yourself those things you love—just have them in moderation. Planning out healthy meals for the weekdays is also helpful because you don’t have to end up being so hungry that you just scarf down whatever. 


Your Sleep Schedule Is “Off” 

It’s easy for your sleep schedule to be thrown off because you’re home all day. When we’re running around all day and then come home to basically eat and sleep, our bodies recognize this schedule. When you’re home all day and possibly not working, you might be napping or staying up later than usual, so that’s causing you to wake up later—throwing off your schedule. 


If your sleep schedule is thrown off by day napping or staying up later than usual, you might want to implement some wake-up times and bedtimes. If you stay on schedule, you won’t be hit as hard when it’s time to start waking up again at 6 am every morning. Now, it’s understandable you might not want to wake up at 6 am every morning with nothing to do, but just having some kind of schedule in place is good even if it’s a tad bit later than your usual routine. 


You’re Becoming Consumed With Fear or Anxiety

If you’ve been glued to your television screen to keep up with all of the coronavirus news, you might want to dial it back. The amount of conflicting information that is given to the general public is alarming. One minute they say this is good and the next day it’s bad. Who can keep up? It’s confusing and it can set off anxiety, panic, and fear. 


If you find yourself becoming consumed with fear or anxiety, you need to find ways to center and calm yourself. You can do this by implementing some meditation techniques and picking up a new hobby that takes up some of your time. Some good hobbies to explore are reading, baking/cooking, painting, or anything else you’ve thought about in the past but never had the time. 

These are just a few examples of how quarantine might be affecting you and some solutions to get rid of them. This is a situation that’s new to all of us, so it’s only normal to feel uneasy and anxious. The number one thing to remember is not to let this consume and take over you.  Find things that make you happy, optimistic, and increase your overall health and wellness. If you need additional help, there are several resources you can check out. There are organizations that understand how being isolated can affect one’s mental health. Just remember— we’re all getting through this together! 


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