Man Dressed as Grim Reaper Strolls Beach Protesting ‘Premature’ Reopening


Daniel Uhlfelder, a lawyer in Florida, is donning a Grim Reaper costume and striding beaches to protest the state’s reopening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Florida residents are scurrying to public beaches as the state eases stay-at-home orders, however, one beach-attendee is there not to soak up sun rays but to send a crucial message. As part of efforts to start relaxing measures aimed to slow the circulation of coronavirus, Gov. Ron DeSantis in April reopened a fistful of beaches in the state. Resident Daniel Uhlfelder, though, is alarmed about the reopened beaches and endeavors taking place on the sand.

Uhfelder, a native of Miami, noted in a tweet that he would begin wandering the beach garbed in the costume starting May 1 to protest the openings. He is concerned that Floridians will drop their guards and hold widespread gatherings that may lead to more COVID-19 victims. “Many of you have asked if I am willing to travel around Florida wearing Grim Reaper attire to the beaches and other areas of the state opening up prematurely,” tweeted Uhfelder. “The answer is absolutely yes.”

Uhlfelder paraded about the beaches, not talking, draping a face mask, to exemplify to the mounds of beachgoers that they should stay home or risk acquiring and spreading the lethal infection, according to reports. “We aren’t at the point now where we have enough testing, enough data, enough preparation for what’s going to be coming to our state from all over the world from this pandemic,” he contended in a recent interview.


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