Mother Drinks Semen Smoothies to Fight Off COVID-19


A mother-of-two believes that consuming smoothies with a shot of semen has helped to supercharge her immune system and is helping forestall COVID-19.

32-year-old Tracy Kiss asserts she’s not had the flu or a cold for three years due to her concoction which is produced using “donations” from her beau and she ingests three shots a week. Kiss, a personal trainer, stated: ‘I found a free and vegan-friendly alternative method to boost the body’s immune system. You don’t always know what is in pharmaceutical medicine – it is much better for the body to drink something that doesn’t contain chemicals.

sperm smoothies
via Twitter; Tracy Kiss holding ‘special’ semen

“It isn’t much different to a mother breastfeeding her newborn to give them the nutrients they need. It isn’t for everyone but it is packed full of vitamins and I haven’t had a cold or flu ever since drinking it in 2017 – I also put it on my face to clear up my skin.” Kiss carried on: “It is best to consume semen as close to production as possible to get the most nutrients and benefits. But I often store it in the freezer in an ice cube tray as my partner, who does not wish to be named, and I am in a long-distance relationship. The quantity depends on how hydrated my boyfriend is on the day. I sometimes have a shot or disguise the taste in a smoothie with fresh berries and bananas.

“I am strictly looking at this from a health perspective. I think a lot of people try new ways to boost their immune system when they start presenting symptoms but that is too late – you must make the immune system strong prior to illness to ensure you can fight it off.” Kiss added: “The smoothies aren’t any different to drinking honey and lemon water when you have a sore throat. It is just another natural remedy but completely free – you don’t have to have a partner, you could just ask a male friend who is healthy. Most people think I am joking because it seems too good to be true that I am being so open about a ‘taboo’ subject but I am not. I am going against society’s “norm” to educate and help other people who are missing out on nutrients. I want to make a difference which is why I am sharing this home remedy.”


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