Monk Arrested After Reportedly Shooting Man in the Testicles

A monk at Wat Mongkhol Nimit, just south Bangkok, has been expunged and arrested after shooting another man in the testicles.

Police detained Phra Apiram Ruengthip, 46, at his living quarters on Monday evening. The former monk contends he shot the victim in self-defense. Authorities say they confiscated an unregistered firearm with two bullets from the friar. He had stashed the handgun in a black plastic bag holding unfilled plastic bottles. Cops then took Ruengthip to meet the archimandrite so he could be defrocked prior to being transported to the police station.

via 123rf; Wat Mongkhol Nimit in Bangkok

The apprehension follows the assault on a man, identified as Samret Kasemrat, 42, who resided in the temple. According to the law, Kasemrat was shot in the right testicle and was hurried to the hospital. Ruengthip informed police he had been in the monkhood for roughly 5 years. In past months, items at the temple have often been pilfered, so he purchased a gun and roamed around the temple in the evening.

He alleges that on the night while walking behind the temple, he spotted Kasemrat walking around the area. Kasemrat supposedly scolded him discourteously and started walking toward him. He claims the man was wielding something in one of his hands. The ex-monk said he told Kasemrat to halt, however, he ignored him. This spurred him to fire a warning shot. But, Kasemrat kept on approaching him, forcing Ruengthip to fire numerous shots in self-defense, alleging he did not know where the bullet struck. Following the shooting, Ruengthip simply went back to his room. Police are pressing charges of illegal possession of a firearm and attempted murder.


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