Man Forced to Quarantine in Ghost Town with Grisly Past

ghost town

A man learned a valuable lesson: Do not spend millions of dollars on a ghost town in which you wouldn’t wish to self-insulate.

Brent Underwood took sheltering in a designation to the next level when he became stranded in a California ghost town he bought recently. The dilemma is: A snowstorm has him trapped and there’s no running water. On top of that, it may be tormented by ghosts. “When I first got out here, I was in a T-shirt and enjoying myself,” Underwood informed news outlets. “And then it snowed for four days straight and now there’s no way to get out.”

ghost town
via Head Topic; Brent Underwood (pictured)

In 2018 for $1.4 million, Underwood purchased Cerro Gordo, an onetime silver mining town with a bloodthirsty history. Besides monthly visits, he has mainly left it in the guardianship of Robert Desmarais, its full-time live-in caregiver of 21 years. When the ambit of the COVID-19 pandemic became evident, Underwood decided to take over responsibilities for a week while Desmarais headed to Arizona to check in on his wife. However, that was roughly a month ago. Now, he’s jammed up in his ghost town under feets of snow.

“In the absolute worst-case scenario, there’s snowshoes here, and the road is 7 miles long down a steep hill,” he notes. Though that will only lead him to a small town without grocery stores; the nearest town with a food market is 26 miles away. Underwood alleges he was aware of Cerro Gordo’s violent reputation when he procured it, saying that it once produced one homicide per week. A TV program named “Ghost Adventures” once probed the town and discovered that it was haunted by the spirits of two children who perished after being wedged in a closet.


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