2 Men Gunned Down Setting up Memorial for Man Shot Dead Day Earlier


Two men were killed in Harlem, and a third was wounded critically, as they arranged candles on the sidewalk for a memorial to a slain friend.

The three gentlemen had come together to honor 23-year-old Darnell Brown, a shooting victim known to his associates as Spazzo and Pookie, when they were chopped down by bullets on E. 112th St. and First Ave on Sunday. One man, who residents identified as Fred, and his moniker, Mumbles, dropped two candles as he was shot in the back aside the memorial and fell on the ground. “I hear gunshots, next thing I know I come out, I see a body right there on the corner,” noted a witness who refused to provide his name. “And two more bodies over there.”

via Facebook; Shooting victim, who neighbors called Fred or “Mumbles,” was shot in the back on Sunday

A 40-year-old man passed away at Harlem Hospital, as did a 41-year-old man hauled to Metropolitan Hospital. The third victim, 38, is at Metropolitan Hospital and remains in critical condition, cops said Monday. “I heard a lot of shots and it sounded like fireworks. But I knew it wasn’t because there’s nothing to celebrate right now,” said a neighbor. The victims were in cahoots with small communal of mourners who had visited to pay their respects to Darnell Brown, who cops say was hewn by a romantic adversary merely 24 hours earlier.

Brown was in the River Crossing apartment complex with his girlfriend on First Ave. and E. 101st St. when her ex-boyfriend, 30-year-old Sterling Stewart, reportedly shot him a little before 9 p.m. Saturday. The next day, Stewart was arrested for the homicide. Neighbors, who confirmed Fred perished in Sunday’s ambush, remembered him as a tranquil man who enjoyed collecting sneakers, exercising, and spreading positivity, and wasn’t one to evoke trouble. “This is his block. We call him the mayor of Harlem,” said 44-year-old Shemeka Sanders. “Everybody knows him. I’m telling you, everybody! Old people, young people. Yesterday the grocery store owners were crying; the discount store owners were crying yesterday.”


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