Woman Walked into Airport Naked, Arrested After Refusal to Leave


A woman arrived at Louis Armstrong International Airport wearing her birthday suit and was arrested when she refused to exit the premises.

27-year-old Mariel Vergara was totally nude when she strolled into the airport on Thursday evening and swayed her way to the Spirit Airlines ticket counter, authorities said. An officer dispatched to the located explained that Vergara had already slipped on a dress by the time he got there. However, she still violated public decency laws because the dress was too short to hide her genitals, and she had no underwear on, the Sheriff’s Office said.

via BR Proud; Mariel Vergara, 27, thought it was lawful to walk into a New Orleans airport displaying her lady parts … she thought wrong.

Officials at the airline informed Vergara she couldn’t travel as a result of her apparel— or lack thereof. The nudist was asked to depart the airport, though Vergara refused, noted the Sheriff’s Office. Vergara disregarded deputies’ demands to leave the airport and clashed with them as they were taking her into custody. She was ultimately arrested and booked Friday with resisting arrest, obscenity, simple battery, battery of a police officer and remaining in a place after being forbidden.

Vergara was being contained in Gretna at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center Friday on a $5,000 bail when she was rearrested and charged with resisting an officer by force or violence and battery of a corrections officer. No specifics were accessible about the new charges.


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