Man Downloaded Child Pornography as a ‘Boredom Killer’


A man who was busted downloading thousands of pictures that contained either child erotica or child pornography said he viewed the content as a “boredom killer.”

Authorities said they started investigating in April 2019 after getting a tip from the NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) that guided them to an address in Merritt Island. Additional tips associated with the same subscriber came again in April then later in June, which resulted in a warrant being devised and enforced for a Microsoft OneDrive, which was discovered to contain 7,549 images, 129 of which were child pornography while the remainder were child erotica, records indicate.

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A search warrant was issued for the Merritt Island residence affiliated with the account on April. 2, 2020. Shane Williams stated he resided at the home with a relative although initially denied having an OneDrive account or accessing any type of child porn, accordant to the warrant. After his relative’s kids left the domicile, he said, “I know why you’re here” and alleged that his criminal behavior began one evening when he ‘hit the wrong button’ while gawking at pornography and “it was a downward spiral from there,” said deputies.

Williams informed police that he downloaded the photos as a “boredom killer” and not for sexual contentment, records display. He was aware the children in the images were victims and he said he loathed himself for looking at the maltreatment, according to the warrant. Deputies emphasized an additional search was performed on Williams’ electronic devices and 534 more child pornography pictures, some exhibiting victims as young as 1 year old, were unearthed.


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