Families Name Their Newborn Children “Lockdown” and “Corona”


Two families have named their newborn babies “Lockdown” and ”Corona” with a wish that they would remind folks about taking precautions.

A girl born on the day of Janata Curfew has been named ”Corona,” while a baby boy born seven days later has been named ”Lockdown”. Validating the development, R P Tripathi of Khukhundu Primary Health Centre said, “On Sunday evening a baby boy was born and within hours he was named as Lockdown by his family. It is necessary that we should all follow lockdown properly, and also wash hands frequently to save ourselves from COVID-19.”

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“The mother and the baby have been discharged on Wednesday morning,” he explained. Pawan, the father, said, “On Sunday evening, I rushed my wife to the PHC, where she delivered a handsome baby boy. I named him after Lockdown as we all are reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic. In my view, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the right step to impose lockdown in the entire nation to save us from the deadly virus.

“My boy will remind everyone to take precautions against COVID-19, to save themselves and the nation.” On the day of Janata Curfew, Ragini Tripathi and Bablu Tripathi became parents of the newborn girl. She was dubbed ”Corona” by her uncle. “I took permission from my sister-in-law, the mother of the baby, and named her as Corona, as the girl is the symbol of unity in the fight against novel coronavirus,” he noted.


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