5 College Students Test Positive for COVID-19 after Spring Break Trip

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The University of Tampa confirmed that 5 students have tested positive for COVID-19 after traveling collectively during a recent Spring Break excursion.

“UT has been notified that five UT students, traveling together and with other UT students during Spring Break, have tested positive for COVID-19,” the school tweeted on Monday. “We sincerely wish our students, and any others who may be affected, a full and rapid recovery.” In a different post shared via Facebook, the university said a sixth student too had been tested positive for the coronavirus.

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In the added positive case, an unidentified student was tested on March 16 who had recently traveled internationally. None of the six persons have been hospitalized, and all of the students are presently under self-isolation. Of the five collegians who were together traveling during spring break, one did not come back to campus after their voyage, the university said. “Individuals need to take responsibility and every level of government has got to be very clear: Don’t be on the beach unless you can somehow be completely by yourself,” Florida Senator Rick Scott told various news outlets.

“I mean, we’ve got to figure out the social distancing. Every part of government has to start telling people: ‘Take some personal responsibility here. Don’t infect other people. Don’t take a chance that you’re going to be the one who is gonna cause your grandparent, or your parents, or another friend from school to get sick. Get off the beach.” Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis said: “I think the steps we’re taking will really reduce density, reduce crowds,” he stated, stopping short of arranging beach closures. As of Sunday evening, there were 311,000 official cases of the coronavirus globally, with at least 93,000 recoveries and over 13,000 deaths.


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