Do NOT Masturbate with Hand Sanitizer, Please


In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, hand sanitizer bottles are scurrying off shelves, however, the liquid might not only be utilized for what you think.

To put it frankly: masturbating with hand sanitizer (the hint is in the product’s name) is an extremely terrible idea. “Today, I found out that using a certain hand sanitizer as masturbation lube will put you in the hospital and result in having to wear an adult diaper for a week,” one individual depicted their experience.

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Another courageous yet unwise soul, who claimed he’s a ‘male in my 30s with an uncircumcised penis’ expressed that he desired to experience a ‘golden shower’ and felt it would be a rad idea to replace urine with hand sanitizer. “I grab some hand sanitizer. I go for it,” the fella writes in a protracted Reddit post. “Except, I put a bit too much on. It burns a little more than I can take and I have to rinse off. I get up and try again, this time, just a drop, right on the urethra. It stings a tiny bit but I go for it and fap it up. I get that slight hot kind-of-burning-but-kind-of-not feeling and if I don’t look down it feels like I’m pissing up a storm!”

Dr. Earim Chaudry, a Manual medical director, stressed: “We know supermarkets are running out of hand sanitizers due to concerns around Covid-19. Now, we must not forget that alcohol-based gels were initially used to clean hands in the absence of handwashing facilities – the best option is still soap and water. Masturbation is a natural thing that many people enjoy. However, I strongly advise not to use hand sanitizer on your genitals to masturbate.”


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